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BasicEX Interpreter – Day #1 – Multiple Printing

Today I made some progress on the interpreter for the Basic-like language I named BasicEX. For today I just implemented a way to do multiple printings on the print statement.

Previously, you could print just one thing per print statement, and a new line was automatically after each print. Now, you can print multiple things on a single print, adding new options for programmers.

Next week I will add the same feature on the input statement.

Multiple Printing Example


This Week #5 – A Semi-complete Project

Hello guys, what have I done this week ? Not that much. This week I spent most of my time working on the Pong project, which I got semi-completed.

Okay, the Pong project is not that good, but I got it to work, so, everything is fine. I expect to take the project again someday.

Now, my new project is a Basic-like language interpreter, I was working on it as a side project during the last weeks and then, it’s working with screen IO, variables and that basic stuff.

For the next weeks I will continue reading my books and learning Python.


Pong Clone – Day 5/6

Okay, I have worked on this game for a sum of 6 days (about 1:30 hour each day) and I finally got to a state where the game is playable.

The ball now move into random directions, the collisions are working, the score is being updated…

After all this time, I am done working on the game, I am tired of working on it. I will be starting a new project next week to take it’s place. Someday I may update the game source code (that’s a mess now) and add new features into it:

Current Final Stage

Source code: Here

Finally Programming Again!

Right, I am finally back into programming, after some weeks of school tests I can finally keep the work on my projects.

First of all, I will focus on my Pong Clone now, I expect to end it as soon as possible. Yesterday I got to work on it again, re-implementing the GameObject class and added the players again. Today I have worked on the GameStateManager, which wasn’t working properly, and probably implement the collisions system today.

That’s it, the This Week series and the Pong Clone series will come back.

This Week #2

In This Week I made just simple things, the main one is to crash the code and the solution of my Pong Clone ;P.

I am still reading Effective C++ and Python. Also, I am working on Responsive Web Design with HTML5.

That’s it for this week :D.

Pong Clone – Day 3

Right, after trying to implement the collision last week, I tried to solve the crash, I got one part working, but it still not working. Trying to debug the code, my solution code also crashed, making it impossible to debug and find the bug.

So, today I started to re-implement it, I am now using a VCS, any problem can be solved easily now. What I did today is getting a blank window working and a simple game state manager.

This is not worthy an image ;(.