Pong Clone – Day 2

After 2 weeks without touching the game code, because of school test, I am finally making new progress with the game.

Today I implemented the Ball class and started to implement the collsion detection. During the work on the collision detection the code crashed. I tried to fix it, but I am tired now, so I will do this next week.

Unfortunately, there is no image for today.


This Week #1

So, this is the first post of the series This Week, where I will post about what happened this week during my programming time.

This week, as I posted earlier this week, I have made the initials progress on my Pong Clone. I also starting reading Effective C++.

I still reading my Python book.

That’s it for this week.

Where Am I ?

Ok, where am I ?

The school classes are back, and now I have less time to do programming and other things, but these days I have programmed a Tetris Clone, until I get bored, reading C++ and Python books, because now I am learning Python too, and increasing my HTML5 knowledge.

Now, I am going to create a Pong Clone, in C++, and keep learning Python and creating things in HTML5.

I hope I get some time to post here, too.

I’m out of time

In this diary I would like to say I am out of time. My cousins are home and I had no time to program or post here during these day, they are going home soon.

The vacations are ending and I will be back to school in no time.

That’s it, I won’t post here for some more time and soon I will be back with more time, but less time than before. Bye.

A new year, more programming

Hello, I have been out of time during the last weeks, but now I found out time to post here.

During the last week I’m reading some C++ books and also learning some JQuery. I am creating a simple website to train my HTML5 skills and I’m gonna start a new C++ project to create a program that would help me to remember school works and things like that.

I hope a good year for me and for all you guys.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Today I didn’t make anything interesting, instead, I found some guys sending me links for a free Minecraft christmas promotion. To prove to them that it was fake I just looked at the source code and commented out an if statement, then the site asked for a survey. Nothing is free.